Have you met the Lobster Dainty & King Crab?

Here is the story of how Little Shop of Lobsters came to be, sit back, grab a beverage of choice and maybe a pot of mousse and your favourite cracker and enjoy…

Not everyone can lay claim to being the niece of a Queen, especially The Lobster Queen!  Likewise, a rare tie as a grandchild to one of the founding hotel proprietors on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls, Canada!  This begins the story with the lineage of Marnie Lynn and Mark, creators & owners of Little Shop of Lobsters. 

You are my Lobster….

When Mark and Marnie Lynn met, as all couples do, they shared their stories of youth, family and dreams.  Marnie Lynn coming from an Acadian family hailed from Caraquet, New Brunswick, was eager to share her stories of her family history with seafood.  From the amazing lobster cookouts, having her first scar from an oyster knife and tales of her Aunt, The Lobster Queen (Marie The Lobster Queen book) from the once favorite ‘Marie’s Seafood’ in Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario.  Niagara Falls was home to Mark who up until now was completely unaware of the delicacies from the sea and so began their culinary adventures.  Mark became as passionate about seafood and he fell in love, head over heels, man overboard in love and they became each other’s ‘lobsters’. 

From the Shore to your Door….

In 2000 Mark and Marnie Lynn decided that they would share the beautiful shellfish from the Canadian East Coast with everyone!  So began their customized catering company specializing in fresh Atlantic Lobster (The Catered Claw) and they grew & grew and earned a solid reputation serving events of all sizes.  Niagara’s Grape & Wine Festival to Event in the tent, where 750 people sat to a full plated meal lobster fresh from the pot. Known for their Clams Casino, Coquille St. Jaques, Crab Cakes and of course, the very popular Lobster and Crab Mousse, catering oyster bars and lobster dinners for Alexander Keith’s throughout the GTA and many corporate and private functions has kept them very busy.   

The Show Must Go On….

With the intense popularity of Lobster and Crab Mousse and with the suggestion of a friend, Mark and Marnie Lynn began seeking opportunities to take part in the largest artisan show in North America, The One of a Kind show held twice a year in Toronto.  With some prayers being answered, a last minute spot at the Christmas One of a Kind show opened up the next chapter, mousse on the move!

And On & On

Mark and Marnie Lynn began to participate in artisan shows across Ontario, growing to 12 shows throughout the year. The spring season in Toronto, Ottawa and Sudbury led to the summer season in Cobourg, Picton, Barrie and the super fun CNE in Toronto. Fall kicked off in Vineland, Sudbury, Guelph, Toronto and Ottawa before Christmas orders flooded in.  Mark and Marnie Lynn were thrilled to meet so many wonderful people who enjoyed the product and kept coming back!  Making people happy, one jar at a time is in Little Shop’s DNA!

Mousse En Route…

With the sudden change globally, Mark and Marnie Lynn were missing their ‘MousseHeads’ and the feeling was mututal.  We continue to work on the best way to ship your mousse!  Some days you may see the King Crab delivering to your door, or you can pop into certain speciality shops to pick up pre-purchased mousse.

Little Shop of Lobsters wants all of customers to enjoy the luxury of Mousse freshly made and delivered to your door!  With the ever-changing challenges of life, we still need to enjoy what we love!

Stay tuned for the Lobster Dainty’s updates on outdoor catering and smaller safe social events. If you love someone, say it with seafood!

Please visit our Mousse En Route to see how our fresh for you delivery service works and to place your order!

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About Us

It’s a known scientific fact, thanks to hit TV series Friends, lobsters mate for life. It is no surprise that seafood lovers & creators of Little Shop of Lobsters, Marnie Lynn & Mark are partners in business, life and love. The dynamic team launched a seafood catering company in 2001, and it was clear that once people tried the mousse, you can’t live without the mousse! Marnie Lynn loves spending time in the kitchen reinventing favourite dishes and a collection of curated recipes can be found here for all to enjoy.

When the world is well and allows, Team Lobster promote their products and business at Craft shows, OOAK, tradeshows and more across the Province. If you are lucky to catch an opening, they continue to offer customized catering services for private and corporate events of all sizes.