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Orders will still need to be processed through us and every Tuesday the following locations will receive the pre-arranged orders and will be held there on hold for customers convenience.

St. Catharines: Smith's Fine Foods @ 595 Carlton Street 905-646-7313 (They also carry a small supply of available jars in their store for a quick fix!)
Toronto:Leslieville Pumps General Store & Kitchen @ 913 Queen Street East 416-465-1313 (They also carry a small supply of available jars in their store for a quick fix...run, don't walk!)

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Lobster Mousse - 200 ml jar


Crab Mousse - 200 ml jar


*All parcels are shipped in refrigerated temperature packaging and arrive overnight (max. 2 days) to your door. The following flat rates apply to shipping in Ontario only. Out of province orders will require individual rates. Please contact us directly.

  • Orders for 1 to 6 jars is $10 flat rate
  • Orders for 7 to 10 jars is $8 flat rate
  • Order 11 to 12 jars for FREE SHIPPING (within Ontario only)


Crab Mousse

Our Crab Mousse goes great with bacon, mushrooms and if you don’t mind a kick, anything jalapeño offers an amazing compliment! These few ideas heighten the experience while balancing the flavors in this fresh creamy delicacy! Here are a few suggestions we love to cook up with the Crab Mousse…

Crab Mousse Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Sauté some finely chopped bacon in a skillet separately. (3 strips ought to do the trick) and once done to crisp, drain and set aside.

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Crab Mousse Mushroom Sauce

This quick and easy mushroom sauce goes great over steak, pork or chicken! Mix with cooked rice for a creamy side dish extraordinaire!

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Lobster Mousse

Endless possibilities for this powerfully flavored, pleasurably tasteful product! The fresh flavors of the lobster mousse go great with salmon, potato and pasta to name some personal favorites. Here are some of our best loved dishes to cook up with the Lobster Mousse.

Seafood Pasta

Over low heat add Lobster Mousse to melt then add a splash of cream and parmesan cheese and mix through.

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Lobster Mash

One of our super favorites! Potatoes will never be the same! Give your mashed potatoes a burst of flavor by topping with a dollop of Lobster Mousse.

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Important Mousse Basics

The mousse is a refrigerated product at all times. Even as a sealed jar. The mousse is good as a fresh product sealed in the fridge for up to 6 weeks from made on found at the bottom of every jar. You can freeze this product for up to 6 months in the freezer in the jar with the seal in tact. The seal is what keeps the integrity of the product. A natural thaw for a day or two in the fridge will give perfect results.

About Us

Starting out as a seafood catering company in 2001 allowed years of developing their own recipes that can now be shared by all. They currently promote their product and business at tradeshows and continue to offer their customized catering services for private and corporate events of all sizes.


"We were celebrating a significant event in our lives and the quality of the dinner, along with the excellent presentation made a great day even better. None of us can remember having enjoyed a lobster dinner so much. We are raving to all of our friends about Little Shop of Lobsters Home of The Catered Claw "

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